About Us

The parish is named for St Kieran of Seir, patron of St. Kieran’s College in Kilkenny, Ireland where many priests of the diocese had been trained.


The parish was established in 1958 by Bishop Charles F. Buddy, during the pontificate of Pope John XIII, and named St. Kieran at the suggestion of Father Maher.  Since the parish was carved out of the existing Holy Trinity parish (formerly St Mary), whose new church building had just been completed, and the still-in-progress church in Lakeside, boundaries were temporarily established in 1958 and made permanent in 1960.  

When the property was purchased, the only building on it was a 1927 house which was to serve as the rectory for many years.  Until the first new building was completed, Mass was celebrated in either the living room of the rectory or under a temporary covering on the patio. In 1960 the first school classrooms were ready and the Sisters of St. Francis of Clinton, Iowa took up residence to staff the school.  Mass was then celebrated in the school which also served as a multi-purpose facility.

In January of 1965 groundbreaking took place for what would serve as the church.  A simple and practical building, facing Camillo Court to the west, it was initially seen as a space that could become a hall when the formal church was constructed.   The first Mass was celebrated in July 1965 and the church blessed in February 1966. Interior changes were made over the years out of necessity or opportunity.

By 1970 the parish hall, with attached kitchen and two classrooms, was completed and, beginning in 1981, improvements were made to the campus, with the purchase of the house at 1520 Greenfield. This made possible St. Kieran’s Way, a private street leading from Greenfield Drive.  The street was paved as was the parking lot, retaining walls were built and extensive landscaping allowed for recreational areas.

In 1980's an all purpose room, known as the annex, was added on to the south side of the hall and an administration building was constructed, allowing the church offices to be moved from the rectory.

The 1990’s saw the construction of a garage for the rectory, the dividing of the annex into two spaces and the building of a permanent wall between the hall and the seventh grade classroom.  One half of the annex began to serve as the sixth grade classroom and the other as St. Mary’s Meeting Room.  The hall was named St. Kieran’s Hall.

A campaign began in 1996 to raise funds for a complete renovation of the church.  It had become obvious that this space was to be the permanent worship space for the community.

In June of 1999, work began on the complete remodel of the building.  Pews and other pieces of equipment being replaced were donated to churches in Mexico.  A narthex was added to the east end, making this the new front of the building, a covered gathering space was constructed and a children’s chapel replaced the old sacristy.  The Eucharistic Chapel, open to the assembly space, was added to the west of the church.  Completing the façade and presenting a real churchlike appearance was a vertical wall incorporating a Celtic Cross.  The church was dedicated in 2000, the first church in the diocese to be dedicated in the new millennium.

What served as a rectory for many years is now a convent for the Sister Servants of the Blessed Sacrament, some of whom teach in the school.



Rev. Richard Maher                             1958-60

Rev. Msgr. John Rhatigan                     1961-74

Rev. Msgr. John Campion                    1974-83

Rev. James Rankin                               1983-89

Rev. John Lucev                                   1989-91

Rev. Francis Penko                              1991-2004

Most Rev. Salvatore Cordileone           2004-2006

Rev. Manuel Adiza, Administrator         2004-2006

Rev. Ben Davison                                 2006-present